Notice #8385

Intermittent issues accessing Office 365 services or features

Microsoft are aware of an issue with Exchange online that may cause Microsoft are aware of an issue with Exchange online that may cause performance issues.

Latest update from Microsoft -
Access issues User Impact - Users may experience intermittent issues accessing Office 365 services or features.

Current status - Were continuing to gather forensic data to help isolate what is causing the intermittent connectivity issues. Additionally, due to the nature of the issue, were running periodic network tests in parallel with our analysis.

Scope of impact - Impact is specific to a subset of users based in the United Kingdom.

We will provide an update as soon as we have more information or confirmation of the resolution.

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    • Basic (POP/IMAP) Mailboxes

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    • Office 365 Exchange

    • Advanced Mail Security

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    • Dedicated Servers

  • Connectivity

    • Broadband

    • Broadband - VoiceStream

      Specifically designed for sites using our internet based phone system

    • Broadband - Satellite

    • Leased Lines

  • Hosted Virtual Desktop
  • Phones

    • Landlines

      Traditional fixed lines provided by IAP and maintained by Openreach

    • Hosted PBX

      Full feature internet based business phone system

    • SIP Trunking

    • Inbound Numbers - Non-Geographic & Area Call

    • Electronic Fax

  • Online Backup & Sync

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    • Cloud Backup (Business)
    • Cloud Backup (Personal)
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